2017 Bushnell Aggressor firmware updates released

Bushnell Aggressor 2017 firmware updatesFirmware updates for the 2017 Bushnell Aggressor range have just been released.

These updates will provide some fixes and improvements which should make a big difference when using the camera.

The update returns the option of custom video lengths, rather than only ‘Dynamic’ video. So if you want 15 second videos regardless, that can now be set in the camera menu.

Dynamic video has also been improved, with greater sensitivity after the initial video trigger – so smaller animals will keep the video rolling.

Finally, battery usage and efficiency has been much improved across the range of Aggressors.

Any camera’s purchased from NatureSpy before 15/07/17 will need to be updated. If you purchased your camera after this date, the firmware update will already have been performed. Do not reload the firmware as you may break the camera completely. If in doubt, ask us first.

To get your hands on the update, head to Bushnell’s European website and select your camera model number (found on the Bushnell sticker on the back of your camera) from the list. Then follow the instructions to see if you require the update.

If so, a ‘Download’ button will generate and a .zip file can be downloaded, along with instructions.

To load the firmware:

  • Copy both files onto the SD card from the .zip file (DO NOT place into DCIM folder, if there is still a file on the SD card, format the SD card and place at the root of it)
  • Insert SD card into your Trophy Cam (switched ‘Off’), along with a full set of batteries
  • Press and hold the Up Arrow button. While holding the Up Arrow, slide the power switch from ‘Off’ to ‘Setup’
  • A Green LED (on the front of the camera) will begin flashing and you can release the Up Arrow (The Green LED is located in the same location as the Red LED, which will flash as well when motion is detected)
  • When Green LED stops flashing (can take up to a minute), the update is complete (you can check the new firmware version in the menu to make certain)
  • Power ‘Off’ your 2017 Aggressor when the update is complete and empty your SD Card for future use

If any NatureSpy Shop customers would like any assistance with updating their camera, please just get in touch.

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