The first baby beavers born in Yorkshire for over 300 years have been filmed by camera traps set up by NatureSpy and Forestry England in Yorkshire.

Two newborn baby beavers stick close to mum…

The beavers are part of an enclosed release trial in Cropton Forest to help prevent flooding as part of a 5 year trial, and there were hopes the female was pregnant.

The trail cameras provided the first proof – 2 little bundles of fluff and tail following their mother around, with an occasional squeak.

Cath Bashforth, Ecologists from Forestry England said: “We are all very happy to see the arrival of two healthy kits.”

She added: “With beavers being very social animals, the family unit will live together.

“It is fascinating to watch them explore their surroundings and they are quickly learning from their parents. I’m really looking forward to watching them grow and bond as a family.”

All of us at NatureSpy have been absolutely delighted to see the camera traps we set up already gathering such great footage. If you missed the first lot, you can see it again here

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