BBC Radio Tees interview talking martens

Bushnell trophy cam 119476NatureSpy’s Yorkshire Pine Marten Project made it’s second radio appearance today, on BBC Radio Tees.

Amongst a wider discussion of rewilding in the North East, reporter David Macmillan visited us at one of the pine marten sites to talk about the project, what we’ve seen so far, and our future plans.

You can listen to the piece again here.

The pine marten project is an ambitious attempt to capture the first ever image of a wild pine marten living in Yorkshire.

If successful, it is believed it would be the first time a pine marten has been pictured living Yorkshire and only the second time in England. The project will use wildlife camera traps which trigger when a wild animal passes in front of them, snapping a picture or video of the critter.

Cameras have already been placed, with help from the Forestry Commission, in the first focus areas; secret locations in the North York Moors that have previously had reports and sightings of pine marten.

Initially the project was due to run over the summer months, but NatureSpy’s new crowd-funding campaign means that dedicated project camera traps can stay on the North York Moors.

More areas of forest in the Moors will also be monitored with the aim of conclusively proving that they are surviving here.

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