Browning trail cams available in the UK from NatureSpy
The 2017 Browning trail cams have an exciting range of features (Image: NatureSpy)

We’re delighted to say that NatureSpy are now the official UK distributors of Browning Trail Cameras.

And we’re pretty excited.

The 2017 Browning camera traps have a very interesting feature list; one that puts them firmly head-to-head with the new Bushnell cameras.

Released in mid-March, we currently have 4 of the most popular Browning cameras available; the Recon Force Extreme, Spec Ops Extreme, Strike Force HD Pro, and Command Ops. More will follow soon.

Whilst the names are nothing to get excited about, we have been pretty excited after starting to put the new camera traps through their paces. The Recon Force and Spec Ops in particular have absolutely fantastic video quality – the best we’ve ever seen, and better than the new Bushnell’s too. Whats more, their video trigger speed is also much better; around 0.4 seconds.

The Strike Force HD Pro is a fascinating little camera, and we mean little – it’s about half the size of a standard camera trap. The IR emitters are something we’ve not seen on camera traps before – it has just 4, very powerful LEDs, giving it one of the largest flash ranges available, coupled with very quick trigger and recovery speeds.

The Command Ops is Browning’s entry level camera, and early tests also suggest a very good, affordable unit, with decent night video.

On top of all this, they currently have the beating on the Bushnell cameras on price too, and they still come with our standard free 8GB SD Card offer.

We’ve been blown away by their early popularity – so much so that our first chunk of stock disappeared in 2 days flat!

We’ll have more on the new Browning camera traps shortly – in the meantime, if you’d like to more, head to our Browning page or get in touch.

And remember – every purchase from The NatureSpy Shop directly helps our non-profit social and environmental projects.

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