Camera trap meets tree sap…

The Yorkshire Pine Marten Project camera traps were collected this weekend, and all were present and correct.

The current forest, known as ‘Kennedy Wild Bird Food Forest‘, has yielded lots of captures and a new species for the project; fallow deer.

Part of this forest also has some ancient woodland indicator plants growing, including plenty of common spotted orchids.

Common Spotted Orchid

However, on arrival to camera ‘B6’, something apparently wasn’t quite right…

Bushnell camera trap covered in tree sap

Not a great picture but you can clearly see the substance…

At first, we thought this might have been a liberal coating of bird poo, but closer inspection revealed it was something different.

As the substance was all over the clasps that hold the camera closed, we had to touch whatever it was to turn the camera off and remove it from the tree.

It was incredibly sticky and smelt strongly of pine. Tree sap!

Looking above the camera to see where this had appeared from showed three places on the tree where branches had been removed in recent thinning operations.

Bushnell camera trap covered in tree sap

The sap was dripping from above the camera in several places

In the warm weather we’ve enjoyed recently, the sap has been exuding slowly and dripping below – landing perfectly on top of our poor camera trap.

Hopefully warm soapy water will remove it! Do you know a better way? Let us know in the comments below.

We’ll also be going through all of the videos from the camera traps over the next week; stay updated by signing up to the newsletter here, and you can also donate to help keep the project going here.

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