Camera trap theft

Broken camera trap chain

All that was left of the camera and chain.

One of the pine marten project cameras, ‘B3’, has been stolen.

Upon checking and collecting the cameras from one of the project’s sites, the first camera trap to be checked was missing.

The smell lure remained but the camera, padlocks and chain were gone.

Closer inspection revealed a tell-tale sign – the broken chain link that had secured the camera to the tree, found in the vegetation at the base.

It appears to have been cut with a pair of boltcutters – an odd tool to carry around the forests, so we think the thief had seen the camera and returned to steal it.

The camera was a long way from any trails and not where we’d expect anyone to be out walking. We think therefore that it may have captured someone doing something they shouldn’t – perhaps poaching, although we can only speculate.

Ltl Acorn camera trap theft

B3 captured the inconclusive image that hit the news last August

Even more frustratingly, we have also lost a month’s-worth of data and there is no way of knowing of what might have been on the camera.

Although we are very aware of the potential risks of theft and vandalism, the camera location was such that this was a real surprise.

The camera trap will be pretty useless to the thief, as the camera’s password protection means that no parameters can be changed. It also has a broken switch.

B3 (pictured) had captured some great images throughout the project, including the picture that hit the news last Autumn – it captured the inconclusive image of what some believe to be a pine marten.

Ltl acorn camera trap deer

One of the last pictures camera trap B3 took

Fortunately, the other cameras in the forest were retrieved and had not been tampered with.

If you’d like to help us towards the cost of replacing the camera, you can do so here.

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