Creating species records – volunteers’ picks, part 2 and 3!

Throughout lockdown, our dedicated Yorkshire Pine Marten Support Programme volunteers were busy creating records for all the species that pass by our camera traps. The first 2 years of the project has generated over 10,000 species records in forests across the North York Moors. We’re grateful as always for the dedication of our volunteers who spend many hours turning these images into ecological records.

Anyone that’s reviewed raw footage from a camera trap will know that it often involves browsing through lots of repeat visitors and false triggers, but every now and then a video will jump out at you. The two video compilations below highlight some of our volunteers’ favourite camera trap images. This could be their favourite species, interesting behaviours or just a really nice video! In part 2 we’ve got goshawks, sparrowhawks, stoats, foxes, badgers, red deer, woodpeckers and more.

In part 3 below we’ve got foxes, badgers, fallow and roe deer, stoats, weasels, goshawks, tawny owls and more.

Some of our cameras are set to photo mode, here’s some of our volunteers’ favourites from those:

Peeping over the edge!
Double trouble!
Exploring in the snow.
A very alert stoat.
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