Crowd-funding bid to help find Yorkshire pine marten

A crowd-funding project has been launched to boost efforts in finding the elusive pine marten on the North York Moors.

Pine marten by Chas Moonie

Image; Chas Moonie

The project, launched by NatureSpy, aims to raise money for wildlife camera traps which can then be placed in the forests. These special cameras trigger when animals pass in front of them, snapping a picture and can work 24/7 for months on end.

The pine marten has never been officially recorded alive in Yorkshire, although there are regular sightings. A dead pine marten was discovered by a roadside here in 1993.

If, as suspected, they are found to be living here it would mean that the second-rarest carnivorous mammal in the UK calls Yorkshire home.

“We are confident of finding this wonderful little mammal here.” said NatureSpy Wildlife Biologist, Hannah Henshaw.

“Due to how shy the pine marten is, its arboreal lifestyle and large territory, it means we need to cover as large an area as possible. More cameras mean a much better chance.

“We also want to involve the public in our search, connect them with our amazing wildlife and wild places and help them feel part of a unique quest.”

The existing project cameras have already captured some of the fantastic wildlife that hides in our forests, such as badger, roe deer and even buzzard and tawny owl.

Pine martens resemble ferrets or stoats, but are significantly larger, with adults growing over two feet in length, and sport a bushy tail.

See how you can help and visit the Indiegogo page.

(Photo: Chas Moonie –

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