Eagles and martens in Croatia

More images have come in from the camera traps in Croatia, through our link up with Bioterra.

The stand out images certainly have to be a pair of golden eagles, eating bait intending for lynx and wolves.

Golden eagles on camera trap

Golden eagles enjoy a free snack (click for video)

Golden eagles are not common birds in the area these camera traps were placed, so the records are extremely valuable. They can be difficult to see too, given their large home ranges and preference for living in remote mountainous areas.

Golden eagles on camera trap

Researchers at Bioterra use bait to attract elusive lynx and wolves, in order to establish their numbers and monitor their behaviour. Although these two predators didn’t make an appearance this time, plenty of other predators (or scavengers…) did.

Marten on camera trap

A marten dashes in (click for video)

One of the most common was a marten, rushing through the snow to take a hunk of bait, struggling to fit it in its mouth, before rushing back off again.

Our link-up with Bioterra is only made possible by people choosing to buy their own camera traps through our fully non-profit NatureSpy Shop. It means we can send camera traps out and help researchers monitor rare European wildlife and increase engagement and awareness of these animals.

We’ll have more from the Croatian camera traps shortly… perhaps next time, we’ll catch a glimpse of a brown bear, or an elusive lynx…?

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