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Our first red deer stag capture…

Our first red deer stag on camera trap

Our first red deer stag capture – click for video

More camera trap footage from our Yorkshire Pine Marten Project has just come in – and there are some very interesting captures…

The most welcome of which was a red deer stag ogling the camera trap – a first for NatureSpy. This also represents the largest mammal we’ve ever captured on camera trap before!

We were hopeful of picking up some of the only wild-roaming red deer in the North York Moors during the latest surveys as they were known to be in the area, in a herd of about 20-30 animals.

A few hinds also made themselves known, but the camera traps were just a little too early to capture any calves.

A buzzard on camera trap

A buzzard drops by – click for video

In another first for the project’s camera traps, a buzzard was picked up extremely close –  and appears to be eating something just out of shot.

Although we’ve picked up buzzards a few times before in Wales, this is the first time in Yorkshire, where they are less common.

A roe buck has a fight with a tree

A roe buck has a fight with a tree… – click for video

The camera traps also picked up a roe buck having a good go at a small pine sapling. The buck is actually marking out his territory and rubbing any left over velvet from his antlers… and seems pretty keen about the whole thing!

Cryptic woodcock on camera trap

A cryptically-camouflaged woodcock… click for video

Another pleasant surprise was the first ever colour clip we’ve had of a woodcock. These do turn up from time to time on the camera traps, but usually in black and white in the early morning or late evening.

This time however, the obliging bird gave us a great demonstration of just how effective its camouflage can be…

Brown hare on camera trap

A lazy lagomorph goes by… click for video

Finally, a brown hare, again in colour, gives us a brief glimpse…

Again, a massive thank you to the volunteers who set up and collect the camera traps.


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