L-Jay Reeves bought a NatureSpy camera trap a few months ago and is now capturing all sorts of wonderful wildlife in her back garden and believes everyone should get one! In this guest blog she tells us her camera trapping story so far and shows us what wildlife secrets she has discovered…

I’ve always been passionate about nature.  In my spare time I volunteer for Wepre Park in Wales, and I regularly visit my local nature reserve in Burton, Wirral, but my favourite pastime is watching wildlife in the garden.

I love to sit under a tree with my binoculars watching the birdlife and am always walking around the garden looking for signs of wildlife such as tracks, droppings and nibbled nutshells. The one thing I always longed for was to see what creatures came out at night; but how to make that happen?

It wasn’t until I worked with Iolo Williams on an episode of the Great Welsh Parks TV series that I discovered how brilliant camera traps were.  He showed me how easy they were to use and from that point I made my mind up that I had to buy one as soon as possible – but which camera to choose?

Luckily I found NatureSpy and they helped me with all my queries – and there were many!  In fact, they were so friendly and helpful to me I bought a Bushnell NatureView HD camera from them.  It’s an amazing camera trap and I absolutely love the extra lenses that come with it.

I was so excited when my camera arrived and couldn’t wait to put it straight in the garden.  Unfortunately, my first few attempts were of my legs and blurred birds, but I persevered.

I placed my camera on a tree so it had a good view of the little orchard and hoped that I would be lucky this time.  A few days later I couldn’t wait to see what the camera had captured.

I was amazed when I suddenly saw a glimpse of a fox.  Even though it was a grainy photo I just couldn’t believe what I had just seen.  I was so excited and put the camera back out straight away.

L-Jay's first capture
L-Jay’s first capture

Every week I put my camera out and waited excitedly.  I soon started to notice that no matter where I put my camera trap, I kept getting footage of certain animals.

The grey squirrels are definitely not shy and seem to do their best to get on camera.  I love this footage of a squirrel pretending to bury nuts in the grass;

Of course, squirrels are cheeky creatures and I captured one stealing an apple from one of the blackbirds.


The blackbirds and squirrels are not the only creatures to like apples though. Here’s a fox running off with an apple I’d left out for the birds.

I knew that there were small mammals living in the garden too, so I put my camera trap out under a bird feeder.  After a few days I grabbed the camera and rushed back in the house to watch the footage.  I was so excited to see a wood mouse eating fallen seed during the night.


Even more exciting was seeing footage I didn’t expect.  Imagine my surprise when I saw a moorhen in the garden.


Then I saw a reed bunting!

I would never have known that so much wildlife lived in the garden if it wasn’t for my camera trap.

Owning a camera trap adds a new dimension to your life.  It’s like opening a door into a secret world.

L-Jay 1
L-Jay’s discoveries so far

If you are sat there thinking of buying a camera trap, then stop thinking about it.  Buy one and make your garden come to life – you won’t regret it.

Watch more of L-Jay’s videos on her Facebook page.

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