Huge brown bear meets camera trap…

The latest footage back from our link-up with Bioterra gave us a bit of a shock at first – a huge brown bear, wandering past, through a Croatian woodland in a National Reserve.

However – the bear decided it wanted a closer look at the technology being used to monitor wildlife in the area, and spent the next 9-10 minutes investigating…

To hear a European brown bear breathing down a camera trap microphone is remarkable. The fact that the camera survived an inspection from an animal weighing on average 200kg is even more so!

When the camera trap was retrieved it was obviously it had been tampered with – and fortunately, after being taken away to be tested, it was (amazingly) still working.

We’ve also had some remarkable footage from other species in the area which we’ll share very shortly too.

Our support of Bioterra’s work in monitoring and researching Croatian wildlife is only possible due to people choosing to purchase their camera traps through NatureSpy. We’re looking to increasing our involvement and support in Croatia in the near future.

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