July 2013 – Yorkshire Pine Marten Project news

Grey squirrels seemed to turn up literally an hour or so after we’d put out any peanut butter/honey intended for the pine martens, and defiantly eat it all with glee.

Squirrel on camera trap

A grey squirrel helps itself to the pine marten peanut butter…

One camera trap at a badger sett captured one of its dwellers – this is probably the first time the badger has ever had it’s photo taken.

Badger captured on camera trap

A badger deep in the forest…

The sett was very deep in the woodland and well away from any human trails or paths.

Roe deer on camera trap

A roe deer with two young kids by her side.

Our final highlight from July is this roe deer picture. She has framed herself perfectly, and if you look by her side, there are her two kids.

Bluebells on the forest floor add a dash of purple/blue. A great scene. More from the pine marten project camera traps soon!

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