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Next month we’ll be celebrating five years of being a Social Enterprise which has given us a perfect opportunity to evaluate, reflect and plan for our exciting future!

Our work over the last five years has enabled us to hone our skills, build relationships with like-minded people and organisations and work on some amazing projects in the UK and abroad.

After working hard to build a stable, self-sufficient and respected Social Enterprise business we’re keener than ever for NatureSpy to grow and make an even bigger social and environmental impact. We’re so passionate about promoting the use of local green spaces and the great outdoors and respecting, researching and helping wildlife on a local and global scale, and one of our key aims is to now increase our project base and effect in these areas. This will include:

1.     Connecting people and communities to local green spaces and wildlife

2.     Aiding wildlife research and conservation

3.     Supporting wildlife rescue and rehabilitation

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As we have developed so much, and now look to cultivate our direction and intentions we felt NatureSpy deserved a rejuvenated brand vision that reflects the company’s future, help reposition the business as a leading outdoor brand and galvanise the changes and challenges we’re now working on to boost wildlife conservation efforts and improve people’s connection to nature.

NatureSpy as a brand encourages a wilder, natural, simpler and more compassionate and sustainable lifestyle and through our brand we will be able to further advocate our aims, objectives and the current work we’re undertaking, increasing our reach and strengthening our platform to enable greater change.

NatureSpy as a brand encourages a wilder, natural, simpler, more compassionate & sustainable


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We have a simple goal and clear message, that both people and animals should be able to live a wild life.

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