Naturelink partnership for Yorkshire Pine Marten Project

Naturlink logoNatureSpy have teamed up with European environmental resource organisation Naturlink and their crowd-funding initiative, Naturfunding. This initiative has helped raise over $130,000 for environmental projects so far.

The partnership will see the project gain more visibility internationally, particularly throughout Europe.

Naturlink’s environmental website has some of the highest traffic in Europe and have partnered with Indiegogo to promote environmentally related causes, entrepreneurial initiatives and creative projects, aiming to contribute for nature conservation, wise use of natural resources and a sustainable way of living. They also have over 39,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook.

The Yorkshire Pine Marten Project campaign aims to raise money for wildlife camera traps which can then be placed in the forests. These special cameras trigger when animals pass in front of them, snapping a picture and can work 24/7 for months on end.

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