New 2015 Bushnells arrive…


We’ve been eagerly awaiting their release, and now its here – some of the new camera traps for 2015 from Bushnell have come out.

At first glance of the new Trophy Cam Aggresor HD models, there doesn’t appear to be any major differences – but there are some big and important changes…

The biggest headline change is that they’ve bumped the photo quality from 8MP to a whopping 14MP – something we’ve hoped they’d do for a long time (we even asked for it in last year’s review of the Trophy Cam HD!)

Secondly, there are now two versions of the same camera – one with 36 ‘low-glow’ LEDs (which will give a faint red glow when triggered) and one with 48 fully ‘no-glow’ LEDs. The most LEDs in last years releases was 33 – so this again is an improvement, and will hopefully sort Bushnell’s long standing problem of poor nighttime photos and limited flash range. Both versions also come in either brown or camo casing.

One of our favourite changes it the new clip on the strap – previous years have been small plastic clips that were hard to pull properly tight. These new models have tough metal clips which can be pulled very tight and are extremely sturdy.

Another welcome change is the pricing – finally Bushnell have made their prices much more competitive and offered much more for the money.

If the specs add up, these camera traps will be among the fastest and best available, and comfortably be market leaders.

We’ve already got our hands on both the no-glow and low-glow versions, and will be putting them through their paces for a detailed review very soon – watch this space…

The new NatureView models are due for release in a month or two, and again offer several improvements – we’ll have more about these closer to their release date.

If you want to order a new 2015 Bushnell camera trap, The NatureSpy Shop has them available now – and you can get £10 when using coupon code ‘2015NEW‘ for a limited time.
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2015 Bushnell camera traps on The NatureSpy Shop



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