New Browning Trail Cameras for 2018 released

The new 2018 Browning Trail Camera range is now available at NatureSpy.

Nearly all of the 2017 range have had some kind of update, with some exciting developments too.

The flagship Recon Force and Spec Ops Extreme cameras have been replaced with the Recon Force Advantage and Spec Ops Advantage, respectfully. These offer upgraded video definition and better colour during the day. The new Advantages also have the ability to reduce sensitivity and slow the trigger speed as required, and better battery management.

They nicely build on the Extremes without reinventing the wheel – just subtly improving in a few areas.

The most eye-catching of the new range are the Pro XD models, with dual lenses and improved video resolution. These are part of the sub-micro range, so much smaller than your average camera trap – and some of the fastest available today. The IR emitters are also the newer, more power efficient style, so we think these may just be the best all-rounders on the market today.

One new model that we’re quietly excited about is the Command Ops Pro. This is in Browning’s ‘budget’ area, but it packs a serious punch at this end of the market. Photo trigger speeds and quality are fantastic, battery life great and the design is really cool. Video is obviously no where near as good as the Advantage models, but its more than decent at this end of the market.

Last year’s classics, such as the Strike Force and Dark Ops HD Pro are still available – now the ‘little brothers’ of the Strike Force and Dark Ops Pro XDs. These are still amongst the best mid-market camera traps available, and if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

All the new models are now available at the NatureSpy Shop, and are currently undergoing testing and review… we’re already excited to see what these models will capture in 2018!

If you want to get your hands on the any of the trail cameras mentioned above, they’re all available at The NatureSpy shop for a great price, and include free P&P and a free SD card. All proceeds support our non-profit environmental work.

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