It’s that time of the year again – we’ve just seen the release of several new models of Browning Trail Cameras for 2019.

The biggest changes are to the Strike Force and Dark Ops series’ – with the very popular HD Pro cameras being upgraded to the HD Pro X.

The Recon Force Advantage and Spec Ops Advantage cameras continue unchanged, and are still hands-down the best camera traps available for video and audio. If you want a camera trap for video, look no further – these are actually the ones we use in nearly all of our current projects – from pine martens in Yorkshire to wolves and bears in Croatia….!

The new Strike Force HD Pro X is available now, and offers a number of improvements over last year’s model; the main being improved video quality to 900p and trigger speeds, down to 0.2 seconds for photos.

The design has also been tweaked slightly – keeping its very small size but shifting some elements around to make it easier to use, such as the battery tray eject button and SD Card slot.

We’ve already been having a lot of fun playing with it; the video is a big improvement, and the trigger speed and IR flash range is pretty great; just check out this example we took in North Wales;

They’ve only been available for a few weeks, but we’re already seeing them go off to monitor hedgehogs across London, for carnivore studies in Germany and for eagles in Scotland, to name a few!

The no-glow Dark Ops HD Pro X will follow in May 2019. The previous versions of these HD Pro X trail cameras were pretty much the best mid-market camera traps available and these new versions, priced the same, suggest that will continue.

There are also two versions for those looking to get something a bit more stripped down – the Strike Force Apex and Dark Ops Apex. These camera traps remove the colour screen and tilting back bracket found on the HD Pro X cameras, but still have the other features of the new cameras – if you want to shave a little of the price!

Top 3 Browning Trail Cameras for 2019
Our Top 3 Browning Trail Cameras for 2019…

Another completely new model is the Browning Strike Force Gen 5 – this small camera offers full 1080p HD video, and is almost a mini Recon Force Advantage. The video quality is not quite as good as the Recon, but if you need something a little smaller it could be a good one to go for.

The Defender cameras are still available this year, which offer wireless connection to a smartphone or tablet when in range – ideal if you need to put the camera out of reach or can’t disturb the area (for example outside an owl box).

And there is still the Command Ops Pro for those who are on a tight budget but want something that packs a punch – its no frills, but the quality is good. It’s even been used to monitor pine martens and red squirrels on a large scale Northern Ireland and wildcats in Scotland.

If you want to get your hands on the any of the new Browning Trail Cameras mentioned above, they’re all available at The NatureSpy Shop for a great price, and include free P&P and a free SD card. All proceeds support our non-profit environmental work.

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