A new year means new wildlife trail cameras being released, which always gets us excited here at NatureSpy.

So far, we’ve seen two new offerings released from Browning Trail Cameras; the Recon Force Edge and Spec Ops Edge.

Both of these camera traps are the new versions of the previous Advantage cameras, which were hugely popular and used far and wide – not only by our customers in large numbers, but also by the likes of WWF, Chester Zoo, ZSL – and even the BBC on programmes such as Winterwatch.

The new versions have a lot of pressure to continue that form and show what a proper wildlife camera to do versus the cheap toy versions.

Remember – the only difference between these two new camera traps is that the Recon Edge uses low-glow LEDs and the Spec Ops uses no-glow LEDs.

Lets take a look at whats new on the Recon Force and Spec Ops Edge

Video improvement

Lets start with the important stuff; the vast majority of people using the Browning Edge wildlife cameras are interested in the video quality. Its one of the main things that sets these camera traps apart from the rest.

One of the reasons for this difference is that the latest processing chips are used – the same reason that a cheap computer is slow (and you want to throw it out the window pretty quickly), while better computers are faster and can do more.

The new Edge cameras have 1080p HD video at either 30fps or 60fps (as set in the menu), which means the footage is always smooth.

The invisible LEDs have also been moved slightly further forward, allowing a wider infrared light spread on night videos and better illumination.

Timer function

Its something that we at NatureSpy have been asking Browning Trail Cameras to add to their trail cameras for about 2 years, and finally its available!

You can now set the Edge cameras to operate during specific periods of the day; avoiding the dog in the garden, you hanging the washing out or the pigeons in the early morning. This in turn saves SD card space and battery life.

Design change

The Edge’s have had a bit of a revamp too; the camera traps are now slightly smaller and more compact.

They are also noticeable sturdier and the build quality has improved too – with better seals around the battery door, better battery eject mechanism and improved button layout.

Trigger speeds

An often under-rated feature on modern wildlife camera traps, and another big difference between these proper wildlife cameras and the really cheap ones.

The processor coupled with the detection circuit design makes all the difference, and is something that the main manufacturers spend a lot of time working on.

Browning Recon Force Edge and Spec Ops Edge iCatch processor
The new V35MA chip that sits inside the new Browning Edge trail cameras and allows the improvements (Image copyright NatureSpy)

On the new Browning Recon Force and Spec Ops Edge cameras, trigger speed again nudges forward – putting them amongst the fastest available. Photo trigger speed is a lightning 0.2 seconds, and video not far behind at 0.3 seconds. There are few that are as quick.

SD card encryption (Spec Ops only – coming soon)

A new and very useful feature that is unique to the Spec Ops Edge only – the ability to pin lock the SD card. When in place, it means that only the trail camera itself can access the SD card (to read/write to it).

If you were to take the SD card out of the camera without disabling the SD card encryption (by inputting your pin), the SD card is simply completely unreadable and unaccessible when put into a computer etc – meaning no one else can access the files if stolen.

This is particularly useful if you’re worried about theft or the data is sensitive. It’s simple to active too, and will be available on all Spec Ops Edge trail cameras via a free, simple firmware update.

So – lots to be excited about and some nice little improvements across the board…! There are also some other new wildlife cameras coming from Browning throughout 2020 – keep an eye on our website for more info.

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