New camera traps deployed…

Setting up a Bushnell camera trap

James sets a camera trap in the forest for pine marten

9 camera traps have now been placed by NatureSpy in a previously unmonitored forest (Redcap Forest*) on the North York Moors.

The camera’s main purpose is to capture any pine marten that may be living here, although we also expect a good diversity of other wild animals to stumble upon them.

A new method of monitoring has also been employed which will be replicated across other forests yet to be monitored.

This method determines, amongst other things, camera layout and monitoring periods.

Every camera trap has an accompanying smell lure – a tin stuffed full with salmon cuts, pilchards and sardines.
The strong smell from these tins will hopefully attract pine marten to the cameras.

We’ve already seen that they have attracted another mustelid species during the project – a weasel.

It took 5 hours to set all of the new camera traps, walking for 7 miles off-track with an elevation gain of 2000ft through bogs, thick forest and exposed ground.

This next stage of the pine marten project was made possible by a successful crowd-funding campaign which raised £1500 for 9 new Bushnell trail cameras. It’s not too late to get involved – see the project’s homepage.

*Some Indiegogo contributors got to name our project areas, as we need to keep the real names secret.

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