2014 Bushnell Trophy Cam HD 119676 ReviewNew course with People’s Trust for Endangered Species

NatureSpy have teamed up with People’s Trust for Endangered Species to run a one day training course on ‘Camera Trapping for Wildlife‘ on 18th June 2015.

The course will be held at Briddlesford Woods on the Isle of Wight, a nature reserve owned by PTES.

With recent improvements in technology and decreases in price, camera traps have emerged as an increasingly popular way to observe mammals and gather information that may not otherwise be available. NatureSpy’s trainers have spent years researching methods to collect accurate data on the mammal populations and deliver an excellent day’s training on Camera Trapping for Wildlife.

The day is a perfect and complete overview of what camera trapping can do, and lets participants gets hands-on with camera traps themselves.

The course covers where camera trapping came from, how it is used in conservation and science, some major camera trap discoveries, how the camera traps themselves work, a look at camera trap videos and images, how to set-up a camera trap, ‘Dos and dont’s’, how to place a camera trap, and how to download/check images.

Participants will then get to go out to set-up and test a camera trap themselves.

All bookings need to go through the PTES website; if you book before 31st January 2015 there is a £10 discount.

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