New Pine Marten Project Enewsletter launches

NatureSpy Pine marten newsletterAs the Yorkshire Pine Marten Project enters it’s next phase, we’ve launched our enewsletter so you can keep up to date with all the project’s developments from your inbox.

The newsletter contains all the highs and lows of the project, and the February issue includes plans for the new Bushnell camera traps, the most recent images, our first weasel capture, and insights into what else we’re discovering in the forests of the North York Moors.

Contributors to the project via the Indiegogo campaign or PayPal are automatically included and will receive the ‘first-look’ email – exclusive access to the latest project images, including any pine marten we may capture throughout the project.

If you haven’t contributed but still want to keep up to date you can sign up to the non-exclusive email, sent a week later, on the project’s homepage.

If you’d like to contribute towards keeping the project going, you can do so here.

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