We’re really excited to announce a brand new project partner working for wildlife conservation in the heart of Africa – Shinganda Wildlife Wilderness! 

Shinganda is a non-profit wildlife restoration project working in Zambia in a 20,000ha conservancy site. This wilderness area is connected via a conservation corridor to Kafue National Park which allows enigmatic species such as lion, leopard, wild dog, cheetah, porcupine, elephant, warthog and kudu to move freely between the two. 

A leopard passes a Browning camera trap in Shinganda…

Despite this freedom of movement, the wildlife here is still in danger mostly notably from poachers who are killing wildlife with guns, snares and dogs. 

Thankfully, Shinganda work year-round to protect species in the area through their Shinganda Scout anti-poaching foot patrols, which has so far been really successful in reducing these poaching pressures and have seen wildlife numbers recover as a result. 

The first camera traps being set up by the team at Shinganda

Understanding species numbers, habitat use and movement is also key in aiding wildlife conservation so auditing and researching the species in the area is also a fundamental part of their vital conservation work.

We’re thrilled to be supporting Shinganda by supplying camera traps to aid their monitoring and researching of predator movements, poachers, as well as general animal inventorying to help build up a detailed picture of species in the area and their population status. 

A herd of elephants pass a camera trap

Some Browning camera traps were sent over to Shinganda in Spring 2019, and after navigating the Zambian postal system, deployed for the first time in July. Since then they’ve seen bushfires and hot weather but also some pretty incredible African wildlife.

The first batch of data has been retrieved and we’re so excited to start sharing these amazing images, videos and findings from the project.


We’re very grateful to all the customers of our online shop who have purchased their wildlife watching tech from us, which has meant all proceeds from each sale have gone back into important conservation projects like this one! 

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