NatureSpy HQ - 24/11/2021
New WiFi Wildlife Camera released
We're really excited to reveal something we've been working on for some time now... a WiFi-connected, wildlife-focused camera that you can watch live and check motion alerts all from your smartphone or tablet, from wherever you are - the NatureSpy WiFi WildCam.

This new WiFi Wildlife Camera is fully app-controlled, with included rechargeable batteries and works day and night – any time you need it. It’s based on customer requests and feedback over the last 18 months.

Its motion sensor and optional microSD card mean that if you’re not available (i.e. fast asleep, or at work!) to check the latest motion alert, you can use the app to quickly see what you’ve missed.

This built-in motion sensor has been tailored to be sensitive enough for UK wildlife – whether it be the wood mice near the garden shed, hedgehog across the lawn, or roe deer wandering up the driveway. You can also remotely change the sensitivity of the camera depending on your situation.

We’ve designed it to be as small as possible, so it can be placed wherever you need. Its small enough to go just outside a hedgehog box or close to your bird feeder for example.

It also has a wide-angle lens so despite its small size, you can be sure it can see the action. You can also check exactly what the WiFi WildCam is seeing by checking the live view in the app.

We’ve stuck the strongest WiFi antenna we could in the camera, to allow maximum flexibility for placing it in your garden whilst remaining in range of your WiFi router. The app also tells you what the signal strength is at any one time, so you can adjust its position accordingly.

Whilst we’ve not designed the camera to replace high-end trail cameras, it does record in HD video and send alerts to your phone within seconds of the activity.

If you have a number of areas you want to monitor on your patch you can link multiple cameras via the app – even viewing them all at once on a split screen. You can name each of your WiFi WildCams exactly what you want – so at a glance you could see if the alert is from Hedgehog Box, Bird Table, Patio etc.

The included lithium rechargeable batteries can last for up to 6 months, although if you check the camera once a day you can expect approx. 2 months. When it runs low just plug it in via the supplied USB cable and charge it back up again.

We’re really excited to see what you capture with the new WiFi WildCam.

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