It may look like Canada or the wilds of Europe, but this is one of Yorkshire’s newest residents – the first beavers in the region for over 400 years…

These wonderful images come from Forestry England’s enclosed beaver release trail at Cropton Forest. 

This is the culmination of a huge amount of work behind the scenes and led by Cath Bashforth, Forestry England’s Ecologist for the region. 

NatureSpy have supported the project by providing Browning Trail Cameras to record the beavers from the first moment they arrived in the enclosure – and the footage has shown the beavers already hard at work (busy as a…?!)

Browning trail camera set up for beavers in Yorkshire

A few weeks ago two staff from NatureSpy, James & Hannah, were on site installing the camera traps whilst the beavers we’re being trapped in Scotland ready for their new home.

The beavers are essentially part of the ‘Slowing the Flow’ project, designed to combat flooding downstream.

There are many local volunteers involved in the monitoring of the area and checking the integrity of the fencing, along with University’s and groups looking at habitat change over the course of the beaver’s stay.

NatureSpy’s involvement here is entirely ‘Shop funded’. As a social enterprise, NatureSpy have been able to support the enclosed beaver trail thanks to customers choosing to ‘Buy Social’ and go to NatureSpy for their camera traps.

We’ll undoubtedly have more large-toothed rodent footage to show you very soon too – there are hopes that the male and female beaver, once settled in, will begin to breed!

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