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By Ed Snell, Yorkshire Pine Marten Project Officer

As we move through autumn into winter, we start to see less activity on our camera traps as the wildlife that inhabits the forests of the North York Moors starts to batten down the hatches for winter. We’re yet to see a marten on camera again this year, but this certainly doesn’t mean we’re short of fascinating wildlife footage! It’s the time of year where animals need to fatten up or stock up, and our latest video below shows goshawk, stoats, foxes, shrews and more doing exactly that.

The video above has been compiled from footage on 14 camera traps that covered a 4km2 patch of forest over the last 3 months. It gives a real sense for how much wildlife activity is going on in the forest even in the quieter months of the year, especially given that the total area we survey in is over 100km2 in size.

Along with the 14 cameras mentioned above, these surveys also had 4 cameras capturing photos instead of video. If you’d like to get involved with identifying the species in these photos, head over to MammalWeb and register as a ‘Spotter’, select ‘NatureSpy – North York Moors’ from the list, and you can browse through thousands of images captured by our cameras on this project.

Our camera trap surveys continue all year round and we currently have between 45 – 55 camera traps out in the forests at any given time. This means we can pick up all kinds of seasonal variation in animal behaviour and puts us in the best position we can be in to pick up pine marten on camera. Our dedicated volunteers will push on with maintaining our surveys through the winter months and we’ll be back soon with more updates.

One last thing – In case you missed it, we recently ran a DNA survey for pine marten and you can learn more about that here.

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