Pine marten camera traps collected & reset

A bushnell camera trap looks out towards the bait

A camera trap facing some deliciously-smelly bait…

A frantic weekend of camera trapping saw a quick turn around of collection from one forest and set-up in another…

On Saturday 5th April, camera traps were collected from a ‘Redcap Forest’* that hadn’t previously been monitored.

We were joined for the day by Amy-Jane Beer, who is writing a piece on the project for the Yorkshire Post.

There was no time to waste however, as the camera traps were straight back out on Monday in a new forest (Kennedy Wild Bird Food Forest) which we haven’t monitored yet.

The spring period is an exciting time to go camera trapping, as many animals become more active. However, forward planning is needed as it won’t be long until the vegetation shoots up and obscures the camera’s views!

We have over 500 capture events to go through and sort over the next week; watch this space for more details…

The first people to hear what was on the cameras will be those that have donated to the pine marten project.

You can also sign up to the project newsletter to receive monthly project updates straight to your inbox.

*Some Indiegogo contributors got to name our project areas, as we need to keep the real names secret.

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