Pine marten project camera traps out again…

In another quick turnaround, camera traps have been shifted from one forest and quickly placed in another within the last few days.

A new forest for the pine marten cameras...

That means the NatureSpy team have walked over 20 miles with heavy loads through Forestry Commission forests… all because we want to find out if a furry little mustelid is residing here!

The new forest has never been monitored this way with camera traps before, so we’re looking forward to seeing what turns up. It is the biggest forest we’ve put the camera traps out at so far.

There have also been some strong reports of pine marten very close by, and the site has historically had pine marten recorded here.

We have been treated to some stunning forests landscapes however, despite the sore legs.

This image perhaps gives a sense of how big an area we're covering!

This image perhaps gives a sense of how big an area we’re covering!

It’s now a case of going through the footage from the camera traps from the last forest (‘Flo’s Forest’) too, and we are about to begin editing it and refining it…

Some clues from Flo’s Forest mean we expect plenty of roe and fallow deer captures;

Deer footprints can often be found along tracks... but are they roe or fallow?

Deer footprints can often be found along tracks… but are they roe or fallow?

And we also were fortunate enough to spot a mother fallow with two fawns in the scrub.

Stay tuned for the next Yorkshire Pine Marten Project newsletter and all the highlights from the camera traps. You can also sign up to get the newsletter straight to your inbox on the project home page.

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