Roe deer kids & fallow fawns

Camera trapping in the forests of Yorkshire in June has an added bonus – baby deer.

Before we had the additional Bushnell camera traps for the project, the previous project cameras had captured a few pictures of roe deer kids by their mother’s side in the forests.

Roe deer on wildlife camera trap

A roe deer mother and her two young fawns, captured in Summer 2013

This year however, we knew that we had a good chance of getting HD video footage of the little ones.

The camera traps were in Kennedy Wild Bird Food Forest as part of our Yorkshire Pine Marten Project at the right time – we knew this forest had abundant wildlife – and the roe deer didn’t disappoint.

Roe deer kid on camera trap

A roe deer kid comes for a closer look

Another bonus of having video footage of the cute kids was that we can look more closely at behaviour, and even pick up the vocalisations of the kids as they call to their mother (watch the video below to listen).

The camera traps also picked up one instance of a mother roe deer tucking her very young kid away beneath thinned pine branches. Usually, roe deer have two kids but this mother just appeared to have one.

We also knew that this forest had fallow deer living in it, with both male and female captured on the cameras previously – but would that mean any fallow deer fawns would show up?

It did. Although they didn’t oblige us as much as the roe kids did we did capture a few glimpses of them, including one jumping passed the camera.

If you want to see what else turned up on the camera trap, take a look at the project’s July newsletter or head over to our project videos & images page.

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