Scaredy-fox and return of the roe deer!

Yorkshire Pine Marten Project August 2015 camera trap highlights

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The first data is back from the camera traps that have been out on the North York Moors looking for pine marten. A couple of clips stood out – firstly, probably the most wimpy fox we’ve ever seen.

The young fox clearly wanted the bait we’d left to attract any passing martens (usually smelly fish paste), but couldn’t pluck up the courage to go close enough to the camera for some reason. Interestingly, this is the exact same spot where we had another fox, over a year ago, also take an aversion to the camera trap. Perhaps these two are related?

Fox on camera trap yorkshire

Can this fox hear the camera trap?

We looked at that older footage a while back when exploring whether camera traps can be heard by some species of mammal. It’s very rare for us to see foxes so hesitant around the cameras, particulary when the camera has no-glow or low-glow LEDs.

The footage also saw the return of roe and fallow deer to our incoming videos. Our iWild North Wales project, despite having surveyed 15 sites at the time of writing, has yet to uncover a single species of deer – so it was nice to see these endearing mammals on the camera traps again. Except one clip, which was a little too close for our liking (you can judge which one we mean…).

Roe deer on camera trap yorkshire

With the help of NatureSpy volunteers, the camera have already been moved to a new, previously unmonitored patch of Forestry Commission forest in the southern Moors. We had a couple of very good sightings around this area at the end of last year – so fingers crossed we catch a glimpse of something marten-shaped very soon. Watch this space.


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