The squirrel that thinks its a snake

Yes, you read that title correctly. Of course we can’t know for sure what the squirrel is thinking, but the behaviour one of our camera traps caught certainly made us think…

We captured the video earlier this year – you may have seen it with the Yorkshire Pine Marten Project highlights from Flo’s Forest.

NatureSpy’s camera traps have captured sunbathing squirrels, squirrels moving their young, squirrels burying nuts/seeds, squirrels hanging off branches etc etc… but never one rubbing its stomach along the ground and trying to get under some earth.

So – what’s this little one doing?

The most likely explanation is that we’ve captured this squirrel’s technique for removing parasites (such as ticks) – along the same lines as a dust bath. Basically getting cleaned up by rolling around in the dirt.

Or perhaps, due to the warm early-August weather, its simply the best way to cool off?

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