Sticking the tongue out…

We have been looking through the recent images from the Yorkshire Pine Marten Project cameras, and came across something a little unusual…

Roe deer sticking tongue out

This roe buck, complete with growing, velvety antlers, seems to be showing us what he thinks of our camera traps!

Roe deer are frequent captures on the project cameras, as they are the largest animal in the forest. This means they use forest trails and trigger the camera traps more readily; you can see the trail that this buck is following in the picture.

However, we don’t often get pictures like this, and it is actually a very fortunate image.

The camera trap has triggered just as the roe buck swivels his neck around to groom himself, and by chance, appears to be looking directly at the camera.

Put in sequence with the other two images in this capture, this becomes clear.

Roe deer tongue sequence

Put in sequence, the reason becomes clear.

Another great example of how camera traps can reveal the secret lives of wild animals and give a glimpse of their behaviour.

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