Top camera trappers to follow on Instagram

Instagram is now the place to share photos and videos a photos and videos,and there are thousands of accounts specifically devoted to sharing images of wildlife and to increasing public awareness and interaction with the natural world. Here are some of our favourite accounts that share fantastic camera trap images from around the world.


Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) is a NGO which was set up to save Iranian biodiversity with the Asiatic cheetah as it’s flagship species, a species that now only occurs in Iran. They’ve been given many awards for their conservation efforts and their photos are brilliant!


Expedicionarios Fotografia describe themselves as ‘a photographic collective dedicated to depict nature in all its manifestations’. Although they have a relatively small number of followers at the moment, their posts of jungle animals are truly beautiful. Well worth a click on the follow button to see what else they put out there!


This camera trapping account gives us an insight into the wonderful world of Alberta’s wilderness. Predators and prey can be seen here in scratching, feeding and enjoying life!


TrailCameraPhoto takes us into the Canadian wilderness with their posts. Since 2009 they have captured tens of thousands of images on trailcams and they post the best on their Instagram page. There are some truly beautiful photos to be found on this account!


Nai Conservation are a conservation group dedicated to protecting the bairds tapir and it’s habitat. They educate local people on how to help and post fun photos of the team enjoying themselves as well as great pictures of Costa Rican wildlife and habitat.


David Moskowitz is an adventurer and conservationist who is ‘currently exploring the world of mountain caribou’. He posts pictures of North American wildlife and his journeys to reach the great wilderness.


This Instagrammer lives and breathes the outdoor lifestyle. The majority of her posts are taken by trailcams in the North American wilderness. Following this account is like having a safari in your smartphone!


Lupus Lynx is an Instagram account which posts great pictures of foxes, moose and lynx in their natural habitat and they have much more to offer than that! With nearly 1000 posts so far this account does not look like stopping it’s great work any time soon…

And of course…. @NatureSpy

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