Caras-Severin – A wildlife reality show!

Caras-Severin; a wildlife reality show!

By Tomos Williams

Wild Caras-Severin is an organisation that has been founded to “bring people nearer to their neighbors from the wilderness” explains co-founder Daniel Schinteie who describes the area as “mountainous with a thick forest cover. We have some of the last old growth beech forests in Europe. A big part of the mountains is made out of limestone and that’s why we have a lot of beautiful gorges and caves.”

In recent years logging and hunting have endangered local wildlife with some hunting groups allegedly overestimating populations to gain hunting permits. This is another of Wild Caras-Severin’s objectives, to halt the destruction of this beautiful area and to protect it’s wildlife.


A black bear searches for honey

Daniel says that most of Wild Caras-Severin’s followers are local people who want to support the conervation effort – “We are trying to show them another side of the story, we are trying to present the animals almost as characters of a reality show. The local people reacted very positively. Most followers are local people.”

The way the organisation does this is to be a prominent source of local wildlife news on the social media sight Facebook by posting videos captured by camera traps on a daily basis.



A lynx inspects the camera

Through promoting wildlife tourism on Facebook and sharing photos and videos with the public Wlid Caras-Severin aims to encourage positive attitudes towards wildlife.


A brown bear studies its surroundings

By gaining public support they aim to reintroduce locally extinct species in a ‘re-wilding’ project to join the lynx, bears and roe deer that already roam the woods.

The group is currntly expanding the areas within which they set up camera traps to catch more species and to involve more local people in their conservation efforts.


A pine marten searching for food

To find out more about Wild Caras-Severin and to show your support for their cause go to their Facebook page.

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