A romp of otters, climbing stoat and red deer herd

Despite the challenges we face with the pandemic, we’ve managed to keep our camera traps running in search of pine martens in Yorkshire, creating species records for all the wildlife visitors to our cameras along the way.

Typically, we see far fewer species on the cameras in winter, it’s common to see the number of videos a camera captures drop down to less than 25% of what we’d see through spring and summer, as the inhabitants of the forest hunker down for winter.

The compilation below features some of our favourite images from our Yorkshire cameras over the past few months. In this compilation you’ll see 6 otters in one clip (yes, 6!), a red deer herd, some excellent stoat climbing, a grey heron, fallow and roe deer, great spotted woodpeckers, badgers, foxes and weasels.

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