Camera trapping in Colorado, USA

This is a guest blog from Sue Dickerson, who uses camera traps on her property in Colorado and captures some fantastic images; a few of which she’s shared below…

Welcome to Colorado! I use 4-10 game cameras year round on my property in Hartsel, Colorado.

Hartsel is located in Park county, Colorado and is almost the geographic centre of the state.

Hartsel is located in Park county, Colorado and is pretty much the geographic centre of the state

The property is pretty much pasture and rocks with lovely views of the mountains. We have large herds of pronghorn antelope all around.

pronghorn colorado camera trap

A pronghorn comes for a closer look

With the amount we have I thought I would be getting hundreds of photos of them but that has not proved to be the case and I rarely get them on camera.

Pronghorn colorado camera trap

Pronghorn are the fastest antelope in the world

These are a few that I managed to get. They really are beautiful and to see a herd of them at a full run is quite breathtaking.

Pronghorn colorado camera trap

A pronghorn admires the view

We have a American badger living on the land; he is also a bit difficult to get on camera as he does not seem to stick to any kind of schedule!

American badger colorado camera trap

A rare daytime glimpse of an American badger

This photo was taken with a regular camera as he made a surprise visit one day while I was out walking. He didn’t stay long, just looked at me and then very quickly dug a hole and disappeared down it.

Badgers have a reputation as being very aggressive but this one couldn’t have cared less about me, probably because he knew he could take me!

American badger colorado camera trap

An American badger makes a night-time appearance

I finally got a picture on the reconyx camera during the daytime. I like this one as he’s been caught running along. The reconyx really does do a good job with fast action.

American badger colorado camera trap

Sue finally captures an American badger on camera trap during the day

Coyotes are the main predator in our area and I do get them on camera trap quite a bit.

Coyote colorado camera trap

A coyote glances at the camera trap

I have to say since seeing them on camera trap so much I have begun to take quite an interest in them.

Coyote colorado camera trap

Wandering past at sunrise

They really are quite majestic and have so much intelligence in their eyes.

white tailed jackrabbit colorado camera trap

A gorgeous shot of a white-tailed jackrabbit from one of Sue’s camera traps

I hope you have enjoyed these photos. If camera traps have taught me anything, it has been a reawakening to the beauty of nature and wildlife; oh, and how to have patience!

Keep up to date with Sue’s camera traps on her twitter feed

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