NatureSpy becomes a social enterprise!

NatureSpy social enterprise

Hannah and James, along with Jayne Mills from Wales Cooperative Centre, celebrating with a bottle of (non-alcoholic) fizz!

After months of preparation, NatureSpy has officially become a social enterprise.

This means that we now are a company limited by guarantee, and that our governing documents set out how we should operate.

It also means that we are a non-profit organisation, and that any surplus we make is reinvested into achieving our social and environmental aims.

Another major bonus is that we are now eligible for many streams of funding, opening up fantastic possibilities for the future and enabling us to engage more people and communities with the wildlife on their doorstep.

It has taken months of careful preparation to get to this stage, and we couldn’t have done it without the brilliant support from the Wales Co-operative Centre and Vi-Ability.

It also means we’ve had a quick change of web address; no longer, but now

We are already working very hard on a number of projects; watch this space!

If you have an idea for a social or environmental project that NatureSpy could run in your area, please get in touch.

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