NatureSpy partners with ‘Discover Conservation’

NatureSpy is proud to announce a partnership with Discover Conservation, a social enterprise that aims to inspire optimism in conservation and support the next generation of conservation scientists.

They’ll be bringing you adventurous real-life stories from scientists and conservationists working in remote and challenging locations around the world and at the same time will be raising money to provide fieldwork bursaries for the next generation of aspiring biologists.

The Discover Conservation is already packed with fantastic conservation stories from around the world (some with great camera trap photos!); including ‘The Golden Cat of Gabon‘, ‘Regenerating Tropical Rainforests‘ and ‘Dragonflies of the Amazon‘.

In a nutshell, they’re everything you could ever want in conservation storytelling. This video, with founder James Borrell (himself a Conservation Biologist), gives a great introduction into what Discover Conservation is all about.

Just like NatureSpy, Discover Conservation is entirely non-profit; run by volunteers and welcomes help, ideas and contributions.

We’re delighted to be supporting another social enterprise in its early stages and believe Discover Conservation has an exciting future ahead of it.

Find out more about who NatureSpy work with on our Partners & Supporters page

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