Owl on the playground!

Pupils at Richmond Church of England Primary School got an unexpected surprise this week, when a NatureSpy camera trap revealed a rarely seen visitor…

A tawny owl visited the school’s picnic area at about 8pm one night, when all the children had gone home.

Tawny Owl on camera trap

Another image revealed the owl had probably swooped down to catch a vole or mouse…

This is the first time a NatureSpy camera trap has got such a good view of a tawny owl – we’ve come close before, and had some pictures at more of a distance (see here and here), but never right in front of the camera trap!

Happily, the camera traps also captured a visiting fox, who came to the playground on two separate occasions.

Fox captured on camera trap at Richmond Primary School

A fox skulks through the school picnic area (rear of image)..

There were also quite a few cats visiting the school grounds at night – including one belonging to a teacher!

The camera traps were used at Richmond Primary School as part of a wider theme on ‘Our Local Area’. These pictures, as well as many more from around Yorkshire, were used to teach all the children about the many different wild animals that live in their are.

The children’s favourite video however was probably the pair of foxes captured on one of our Yorkshire Pine Marten Project camera traps…!

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