Pine marten project update…

We’re making good progress at getting everything together ready for the next phase of the pine marten project.

You may have seen on our facebook page that we just received a welcome delivery…

The fantastic news is that we negotiated a great deal with Bushnell (with help from Kate MacRae –, and were able to buy not 6, but NINE dedicated project cameras. A massive boost to our hopes of finding pine marten.

A box full of Bushnell camera traps!

A box full of camera traps!

These cameras arrived today, and we have almost all the new kit ready…

Because we got a great deal on the cameras and raised over our target, it meant that we had some budget surplus. We’ve now got 16gb SD cards (instead of 8gb) as well as purchasing more batteries (these cameras take 12 AA each!)

Bushnell camera traps and equipment

We’ll be testing the cameras fully over the next few weeks to ensure we fully understand these models and how to get the best from them. Stay tuned for pictures and video.

The next phase is scheduled to begin in early/mid February. We’ll keep you all updated, particularly about viewing images and videos if you chose the Stoat Award or higher. Everyone with a Badger, Roe & Pine Marten Award will also be contacted.

Postcards are due to be sent shortly, and have been dispatched from the printers!

Thanks again for your support.

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