Observatoire Carnivores Sauvages

We’ve collaborated with The Observatory of Wild Carnivores (OCS), a team of naturalists studying the status and ecology of wild carnivore populations in the east of France.

Key species focused on for this research include wolf, lynx and forest cat. With the help of trail cameras, species distribution and ecology can be remotely studied with the aim of identifying the necessary steps required to ensure their long-term protection and the subsequent development and implementation of future conservation programmes.

Who's Involved
Observatoire Carnivores Sauvages
Profits from our shop have been used for this project
A NatureSpy Supported Project
Crazy About Cats?
We're supporting lots of projects that are currently monitoring, researching and recording all sorts of cat species including lynx, pumas and Scottish wildcats.

There are also opportunities with some of our projects to get involved in helping us go through project data where you could be the first to spot an elusive lynx on of our cameras! Head to our project pages to discover more.
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What's the project doing?
How is NatureSpy Helping?
  • The main goal of OCS is to study and conserve wild carnivores, primarily wolf, lynx and forest cat. By using camera traps the trail camera data can help OCS achieve their goals which include:
  • 1. The identification of knowledge needs on the state and ecology of wild carnivore populations in the Grand Est.
  • 2. Definition and development of monitoring programs necessary to respond to them.
  • 3. The implementation of these monitoring programs.
  • 4. Grouping, processing and synthesis of the data collected.
  • We're supporting OCS by providing much needed trail cameras for their monitoring.
Camera Used
The Browning Spec Ops Advantage was used as when after wolves and lynx, you have to go unnoticed - its no-glow LEDs allow this, coupled with excellent video quality.
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More About OCS
Find out more about OCS and the exciting research and conservation they're doing in France.
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