Zambia, Africa
Shinganda Wildlife Wilderness

Shinganda Wildlife Wilderness (Shinganda) is a not-for-profit wildlife restoration project, caring for wildlife on an unfenced 20,000ha conservancy since 2001.

Shinganda is situated in a vast, uninhabited wilderness area situated approximately 50km north-west of Kafue National Park. This large tract of protected, intact wildlife habitat is linked to the national park via a functional conservation corridor, allowing the movement and survival of wide-ranging wildlife such as African painted dogs, lions and elephants.

This unfenced, open-ecosystem conservancy site forms an integral part of the conservation area network in the Greater Kafue Ecosystem and the team at Shinganda provide 365 days a year monitoring and protection for a wide range of carnivores, herbivores and their habitat.


Who's Involved
Shinganda Wildlife Wilderness
Painted Dog Conservation
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What's the project doing?
How is NatureSpy Helping?
  • The groups primary aim is to ensure the vitally important conservation corridor to Kafue National Park is monitored and protected to enable wildlife to move freely.
  • To do this, Shinganda have a year-round wildlife conservation monitoring programme through their Shinganda Scout anti-poaching foot patrols, to combat poachers killing wildlife with guns, snares and dogs. In doing this, over the last 18 years, they have been successful in reducing poaching pressures, resulting in wildlife numbers bouncing back.
  • They have also been using trail cameras on Shinganda to monitor the site since 2011. The camera traps enable them to remain vigilant to potential poacher hotspots as well as being crucial in building up their vast knowledge and database of wildlife species in the area. So far, this totals to 47 free-roaming species, such as African elephants, lions, leopards, African painted dogs, sable antelope, kudu, bushbuck, bushpigs, warthogs, baboons, monkeys and a range of other carnivores and herbivores.
  • NatureSpy are providing free trail cameras, accessories and support to aid the team at Shinganda in this important work. There are still a number of recorded species they would like to capture on camera, as well 3 unrecorded species that are suspected to occur in the area, evidence of which would be useful! With the additional kit provided we hope that this can be possible.
Project News
Camera Used
The Browning Recon Force Advantage is used in Zambia for its robustness and excellent image quality.
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