SpyPoint Camera Traps

With lightning trigger speeds and a great battery life, SpyPoint trail cameras are increasingly popular in the UK. They’re an established brand in the USA and Canada, with excellent daytime image quality. New models are released each year, with innovate mobile features. The Link-Micro LTE for example is an exciting LTE 4G, wireless camera. It’s small and affordable, and also comes in a self-charging solar powered version, the Link-Micro S. Like SpyPoint’s other solar panels, this doesn’t need direct sunlight to charge, using any light present. This means that you’ll see the solar benefits even in the rainy UK.

Some models also have outstanding photo trigger speed – the Solar Dark is currently one of the fastest camera traps on the market. SpyPoint are also one of the most power efficient camera trap brands available today. Their cameras are capable of more than a year’s battery life under normal usage (using lithium batteries).


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