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The first iWild polecat at Coed y Felin!


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The iWild project has caught its first polecat at Coed y Felin in Flintshire. We’ve gone after polecats before on certain sites, but they had given us the slip – until now.

What was even more satisfying was that two of the iWild volunteers decided to put this camera trap in this particular location with polecats in mind, due to the habitat type – and were rewarded with the two short clips above.

Polecats, a member of the mustelid family that also includes pine martens, badgers and otters, have undergone a bit of a revival in recent years having been heavily trapped for fur in the 19th century. Wales is a stronghold for polecats, and this camera trap record (along with all other species records) will be passed to Cofnod and the Mammal Society’s National Mammal Atlas.

There are just two iWild events remaining before the end of the year, at Aberduna in Denbighshire and Minera Lead Mines in Wrexham. All events are free and there is no need to book.

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