Wildlife at the Moors National Park Centre

Earlier this month, NatureSpy ran a one day camera trap workshop at the beautiful Moors National Park Centre in conjunction with The Mammal Society. As part of the course, participants got to set up some of our camera traps in the nearby Crow Wood – and see what wildlife wanders around after dark…

Crow wood Moors National Park Centre

The entrance to Crow Wood…

The wood is fairly small and open, with a lot of visitors due to the centre over the road. We expected crows, as the name suggests, but what did we find?


Hedgehogs were a nice surprise, bumbling around in the dark most nights, with plenty of pheasants, squirrels and rabbits joining them. Some surprise captures were a nuthatch and what appears to be a weasel… watch the short video below and see what you think!

And ironically – zero crows!

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