We're here to help you achieve your conservation and research goals.
Our mission at NatureSpy is to work with people and organisations to support wildlife, limit the barriers so often in the way of conservation and make working together as seamless and unbureaucratic as possible.

Using profits generated by our online shop and our biology and ecology expertise, we're able to collaborate with organisations and projects to part or fully support a wide range of conservation objectives. Through trail camera loans and donations, technical and fieldwork support, we work with all types of projects, including wildlife reserves, scientific studies, community engagement and citizen science.

We'd love to hear about your conservation project and find out if there's a way we can work together. Use the tabs below to learn more about the type of support we can offer and get in touch via the form below.
Type Of Collaboration
Equipment Support
Technical Support
Fieldwork Support & Partnerships

These are projects whereby we typically loan or donate trail cameras and associated kit to assist your conservation aims.

This option is best if you have trail camera experience and the personnel to undertake camera surveys but have budgetary constraints for the kit.

If you have a specific research question or project you are undertaking which is wildlife conservation focused, we can advise you on the best camera models for your specific needs and provide equipment on short or long-term loans or as project donations.

Some recent examples of projects we have supported via camera gifting include Voyageurs Wolf Project, Shinganda Wildlife Wilderness, and Elephants for Africa.

You can look out for the ‘supported’ badge on our projects page to take a look at some of our other supported projects.

A step-up from equipment support, here we can provide both trail camera equipment as well as tech support remotely and on the ground.

Technical support is for you if you have limited knowledge of camera traps, and/or time and staffing restrictions.

We can help with settings and placement advice and best practice, troubleshooting, camera repairs and assistance in setting out cameras in the field.

A recent case study of our work doing this is for the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s Saving Wildcats project whereby we’ve donated 80 trail cameras and are assisting with all aspects of technical and on-going maintenance support.

Building on equipment and technical support, through fieldwork support and partnerships we can work with your team or take the lead to develop your project. Here we can provide you with support through stages including planning, fieldwork, data management and analysis.

This might be your preferred route if you’re working on a larger project or project area, have limited trail camera proficiency or have staff, time and budget constraints.

There are many ways that wildlife monitoring technology can be used in conservation, common approaches we can help with include:

1. Species inventories

This is a great way to learn more about a location and which species are present. For example, rewilding sites and nature reserves can use inventories to learn which species are present, monitor changes to species over time and gather engaging images and videos along the way for purposes such as education and public engagement.

2. Species behaviour studies

Trail camera videos are a great way to learn more about the activities of a particular species. This could be through monitoring feeding stations, activity across wildlife corridors or studying interactions between species.

 3. Species distribution and abundance

They’re also a great tool for learning where species are present, what habitats they’re using and gathering estimations of their population sizes.

4. Education and engagement

Often linked to the above topics, the engaging images captured through trail cameras are a brilliant way to connect people with nature.

We have vast experience of designing and running camera trap surveys and analysing and presenting data – most notably from our own Heritage Lottery Funded iWild North Wales and Yorkshire Pine Marten Support Programme projects.

Our work with Bioterra in Croatia is also a great example of how our partnerships can work. We assist Bioterra with equipment donation, support, maintenance and fieldwork. This collaboration has enabled the discovery of different wolf packs to be identified, lynx numbers and breeding to be assessed and poachers to be monitored.

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There are a number of ways our project collaborations can work; from camera trap loans or donations to carrying out full-scale camera trap surveys on your behalf.

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