Scotland, UK
Aigas Field Centre

Situated in the Scottish Highlands, Aigas Field Centre provides environmental education and nature-based holidays in a beautiful landscape that’s home to some of Scotland’s most iconic wildlife.

The Field Centre hosts to a diverse range of conservation projects, including a Scottish wildcat breeding programme and a beaver demonstration project. The mosaic of habitats across the site are an important refuge for species such as pine martens, red squirrels and hedgehogs.

Who's Involved
Aigas Field Centre
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We're currently working with some other really cool organisations who are making Scotland wild again.

From rewilding to bringing back native wildlife, have a look at what else our cameras are up to in the Scottish wilderness.
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Camera trapping aims
Species of interest
How is NatureSpy helping?
  • To monitor and research wildlife in various habitats and conservation programmes around the Field Centre.
  • To engage people in the Field Centre’s wildlife.
  • Unobtrusive monitoring of a breeding programme for Scottish wildcats.
  • Monitoring pine martens and identifying individuals from their unique bib fur patterns.
  • Den and nest box monitoring for pine martens, red squirrels and tawny owls.
  • Monitoring rehabilitated wild animals that are released onsite, including badgers, red squirrels and hedgehogs.
  • General wildlife monitoring across habitats, including foxes, badgers and birds of prey.
  • We’ve loaned 10 camera traps that produce great quality video to meet the Field Centre’s need to monitor a variety wildlife.
  • We’ve provided technical support with how to get the most out of the camera traps.
Camera Used
The Browning Recon Force Advantage is being used for their ability to withstand wilder Scottish weather and their great photo quality.
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