We have teamed up with the NGO ‘Bioterra’ based in Zagreb, Croatia to monitor and research Croatian wildlife.

Bioterra is run by researchers, and seeks to monitor, record and protect the fantastic wildlife that can be found in Croatia. A major part of their work is using camera traps in remote wilderness to monitor animals such as wolves, lynx and bears.

Our partnership involves working specifically in Northern Velebit National Park and Biokovo Nature Park; beautiful rugged mountains with an abundance of wildlife, some of which is endemic to these regions.

There is also work to monitor the impact of huge green bridges spanning Croatia’s burgeoning motorway system – allowing mammals large and small to traverse safely and reducing human and wildlife casualties.

Who's Involved
Northern Velebit National Park
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Partnership Project
More About Bioterra
Bioterra is an association for researching, photographing and conserving Croatia's Natural Heritage.

We directly provide the much-needed equipment for the monitoring programmes, as well as visits to assist the researchers and rangers involved in running the equipment.

We also help with data storage and processing - including working with citizen science projects such as InstantWild (find out more further down).

You can follow more of Bioterra's work and updates.
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What we're doing
  • Working with Bioterra and in association with Northern Velebit National Park and Nature Park Biokovo we’re using camera traps to study the large mammals that call these habitats home with wolves and lynx the primary focus of the research.
  • As just 40-60 individual lynx and less than 200 wolves in approximately 50 packs remain in all of Croatia, understanding more of their population, distribution and habitat trends is of vital importance.
  • Despite being a protected keystone species, wolves here are persecuted by hunters and some local landowners and the lynx are facing decline.
  • The cameras are monitoring two key areas in Croatia; Northern Velebit National Park and Nature Park Biokovo.
  • Since using these cameras, Bioterra and the Northern Velebit National Park have been able to determine that they have at least 2 distinct packs using the park – something that was almost impossible to find out before.
Project News
Camera Used
This project uses a mix of cameras, with Browning Trail Cameras used the most for their long battery life and great image quality.
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Help us ID the data on our Croatian trail cams with ZSL Instant Wild. To get involved and start tagging, head to ZSL’s Instant Wild website or download the app on iOS and Android.
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