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Eagle Reintroduction Wales

As apex predators, birds of prey are a key part of healthy ecosystems, yet golden eagles and white-tailed eagles have been absent from their historic ranges in the Welsh landscape for over 150 years. Eagle Reintroduction Wales is an exciting project working on reintroducing both of these species to Wales. The project is being led by Dr Sophie-lee Williams at Cardiff University, in partnership with Raptor Aid, the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation and Wildlife Trusts Wales.

When considering the reintroduction of wildlife into a region, there needs to be a clear understanding of how any changes during the species’ absence may impact their presence today. Eagle Reintroduction Wales sets out to provide evidence for whether the modern-day Welsh environment is still suitable for golden eagles and white-tailed eagles. This includes understanding the role of environmental factors such as climate change now and in years to come, as changing environmental conditions can impact the suitability of landscapes for breeding eagles. With eagles being absent from the landscape, the study of model species that are present in Wales now is also a key component of this research, as ecologically-similar species can provide insights into the potential success of eagles once again living in Wales.

Who's Involved
Eagle Reintroduction Wales
Raptor Aid
Cardiff University
A NatureSpy Supported Project
Why did eagles disappear from Wales?
The extinction of golden eagles and white-tailed eagles in Wales was human-mediated through persecution, with both species wiped out of the Welsh landscape by the 1850s. This is a historic trend for many birds of prey in landscapes across Britain and Europe throughout the 19th century.

Project Aim
Project Strategy
How NatureSpy is Helping
  • Eagle Reintroduction Wales is setting out to determine whether the Welsh landscape is in a condition that can sustain two native lost eagle species: the golden eagle and white-tailed eagle.
  • Conduct a feasibility study to explore the factors that may impact the success of reintroducing golden eagles and white-tailed eagles in Wales.
  • As part of this study, ecologically-similar species are being monitored to infer how factors such as environmental change are impacting nest success.
  • Peregrine falcons are being studied as a model species to assess if the climate conditions of upland Wales are feasible to restore golden eagles.
  • Trail cameras are being used to observe and assess chick provisioning rates, diet and survival rates. Combined with environmental data, this enables the team to assess if the provisioning and survival of peregrine chicks is being affected by climate change.
  • NatureSpy is providing support with equipment for the projects' camera trap monitoring, this includes nest monitoring of peregrine falcons.
  • The use of camera traps photos and videos helps the team to observe nesting activity and behaviours throughout the breeding season, so clear images are key to gaining an insight and cameras that can last a long time on a set of batteries are essential to avoid disturbance.
Project Updates
Camera used
The Browning Recon Force Advantage is used by Eagle Reintroduction Wales for its excellent image quality, durability and long battery life.
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